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Miami International Airport
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Miami International Airport

By Onyx Exotix Miami 2021

Miami International Airport

Miami International Airport, previously known as Wilcox, is the main airport that serves the Miami area, Florida, U.S. It is located in Miami-Dade County, Miami. In the vicinity are Miami and Miami springs, and the Virginia Gardens.

In terms of total cargo traffic and aircraft operations, Miami airport is the busiest airport all over Florida. However, when it comes to the number of passengers it comes at second number - right behind Orlando. The miami airport is also the gateway to the Caribbean, Central and South America, etc.

This airport expands over a vast area of 3,300 acres containing three terminals and six concourses for a total of 131 gates. In this busy environment, it is a wise decision to be aware of Miami airport exotic car rental provides a stress-free solution for your transportation.


The concourses have been designed to provide direct access to American US customs and border protection facilities except for concourse G. Concourse D, and E. On the other hand, these concourses grant the luxury of three admiral clubs and one flagship lounge. Additionally, multiple other luxurious lounges exist all over the airport's infrastructure.

Miami airport view

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Meet and greet service at the Miami airport

The opportunity to have the utmost freedom of your movement without the responsibility of the vehicle itself is one thing everyone would want. On your special occasions, having to deal with bus schedules and fares, tiresome taxi rides can shadow the feeling of enjoyment when you just want to explore and experience remarkable moments.

Car rentals allow you to visit remote places usually inaccessible by bus and you don't have to carry your heavy traveling bags yourself. If you are looking for a low-budget deal, looking into the Miami exotic car rentals for your convenience would be a good decision.

These car rentals are known to provide the customers with great deals for their trips and also help them to save spending cash on the maintenance of the vehicle. Running around waving for taxis, keeping a check on bus stops, and cursing the unexpected rain showers while walking without shade are dilemmas now crossed out from your list of worries.

Luxury Car Rental Services

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Luxury car rental Miami services have become exceptionally famous for all the right reasons. While you travel to Miami, you can either choose a luxury car like Ferrari or can experience the richness of extravagant cars like Lamborghini rental Miami. Jokes apart, these admirable wonders of designing are trendy as well as the loftiest cars that exist on the planet today!

Miami rent exotic cars can make your dream ride a reality as well as saving your money instead of having to purchase a luxury car.

It doesn't matter if you want a vintage vehicle or a sporty one, you can easily get behind those power wheels.

Factors to be considered when renting from Onyx Exotix

For Miami exotic car rental, you need to make some considerations. That is, you must be aware of what you really want. Do you want to take the steering wheel of a Rolls Royce or Bentleyto drive you and your family.

Make sure to rent your car from a well recognized company to decrease the chances of hurdles while you’re on your way. Reading what customers have to say and comparing the costs of different agencies would help you find a suitable and affordable one for yourself.

Cruising through the breezy night can no doubt be a wonderful experience but you should not neglect the safety of the cars coming from the front as these leisure cars are known to have blinding headlamps. Turn the lights to a low glimmer to prevent any kind of collisions.

The Miami International Airport is the destination for only the tourist but also the people solely traveling for business purposes. The architecture of this explicit airport has been designed for minimum accident rates and facility of parking the cars needed by visitors. The location is accessible for a variety of purposes such as cargo as well as for tourists.

Whatever your reason might be for visiting the Miami international airport, it wouldn’t hurt to buy the services of the Miami exotic car rental Onyx Exotix. In fact, you’ll travel like kings and stars, what else would one want?