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Fort Lauderdale

By Onyx Exotix MAY 2021

Searching for a place to rejuvenate your soul and unwind yourself? The city of golden beaches Fort Lauderdale awaits you in all its glory. Stretching your limbs on the sand while the warmth of the sun envelops you in a comforting blanket, your eyes devour in the magnificent views of the greenish-blue ocean. Walking on the sandy beach, you leave your footprints behind for a little while, before the gentle tide comes and washes them all away. Just like the footprints, all your negative emotions and suppressing thoughts are also erased, the rushing water fills in your past and lets your present be known. That is the beauty of connecting with nature.

History of Fort Lauderdale

The question arises, what is this fairy tale place we are talking about? Fort Lauderdale city, the seat of Broward County, southeast Florida, U.S, resides alongside the Atlantic Ocean at the mouth of the New River, up to 25 miles north of Miami. During the Seminole Wars and a fort built there in 1838, was named after its commander, Major William Lauderdale, giving its names to the town. History has synchronized with the advancing world and Fort Lauderdale has flourished into an international tourist hub, creating a portrait that remains just as spirited today.

How to get here?

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Tourists, especially Europeans, often lament the fact that it is hard to maneuver around the cities of Florida without your wheels. There are options like water taxis and sun trolley hop on busses but apart from being a little expensive the freedom of your movement is stripped away. Keeping in mind the bus schedules can be a tiring ordeal.

How to get around fort Lauderdale: On top of that, the agony of waiting for a taxi at the airport, with your heavy luggage, and reaching the hotel itself can be full of distress. But necessity is the mother of inventions! Hence we are here to travel to fort Lauderdale services to help you out. At the airport, you will be provided with ‘meet and greet’ services without any delay, courtesy of the Fort Lauderdale exotic cars rental services.

Once you have checked in the hotel, you will find yourself behind your wheels to explore fort Lauderdale on your own. Lamborghini rental fort Lauderdale will grant you the opportunity to cruise on the smooth roads, covered on both sides by palm trees with breathtaking views in every corner.

What to do there?

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The art and culture fanatics have especially good news on their visit to Fort Lauderdale. A culture as deep as the ocean here, framing the era of Seminoles and Broadway shows. You can venture through a world of classy jazz music with art festivals, Broadway concerts, and performing arts held downtown in this city of Fort Lauderdale, where diversity is celebrated and valued.

The African American art and culture library center and old Dillard center are marvelous memorials to the history and input of African Americans which will open up another dimension. Visiting all these locations will be possible if you make use of our Fort Lauderdale exotic car rental services, giving you comfort, luxury, and convenience all in one. Imagine wandering in the nature trails in a recreated Seminole village, learning about the lifestyle of people way back in the 1800s is fascinating enough to cause goosebumps.

Luxury car rental Fort Lauderdale

Let us not forget the ‘must-have’ shopping trips serving as souvenirs for your memorable trips. With a car at your service, you can visit all the high-end stores along chic Las Olas Boulevard and at the Galleria. Discover the local shops and culture, and visit florists and hairstylists to give you a sense of complete adventure in the local markets. We all can agree that a shopping spree can be tiring especially on foot. With a Luxury car rental in Fort Lauderdale, you can be free of stress about your shopping bags and visit all the famous markets and malls in one day. While thinking about relaxing yourself with the rich culture and an exotic place like Fort Lauderdale or Miami Beach, one can never ignore the fact that food is an essential part of one’s occasion. Even if it's a business meeting you’re planning to attend, a party with your beloved ones, or an elegant family gathering, food is the demand of every kind of event.

You can rent the luxury car in Fort Lauderdale, which will carry you adequately to the downtown restaurants where you can experience the hustle-bustle of the city. The tremendous amount of options available downtown is a testament to that fact. Here, you can explore the diverse range of the categories of different restaurants.

In summers, when the atmosphere of the beach is fully intensified by the aroma of sea flowers, from afar, the sight of leafless trees making the perfect combination with the vegetation grown along the beach and where the sea displays the beauty of the beach at its utmost level; it mesmerizes the gaze to an extent where you would want to relax and grab your favorite meal!

Relaxing under the richness of enchanting woodland can add to your dreamy and exquisite memories. All of this can be experienced to its fullest when allowed to relax in a quiet and private residing area for your vacation. A good night's sleep is necessary to enjoy the next day with vigor and passion and without doubt, Fort Lauderdale has not been short of providing excellent planning for the finest suburban hotels.

Explore Fort Lauderdale in an exotic car

With everything being said, a city like Fort Lauderdale has hidden gems waiting to be explored by ardent tourists, especially in a Ferrari rental or a Lamborghini rental from Onyx Exotix. But it will not be a lie to realize that its grand romanticness can only be experienced at the expense of a luxury car which adds the cherry on top.