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Top New Hotels and Restaurants Opened in Miami

By admin PUBLISHED 30 July 2021
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  • Miami is THE TOURIST HOTSPOT every travel fan and enthusiast knows about. But this city has so much to offer that sometimes it becomes hard to figure out what to do in limited vacations. 

    In this article, I have compiled the trendiest and newest locations, including hotels, restaurants, and events worth trying if you are pressed for time and don’t want to spend too much deciding where to go and what to do. 

    Oh, and not to mention the best luxury driving experience you can have while in the city.


    Cote Miami

    Cote Miami is a one of a kind experience for those who are interested in feeling like being a part of something bigger. The whole place becomes one like a beehive, and everything seems to sync with one another. 

    It is also one of the most recently opened places in Miami that are gaining quick popularity among visitors and locals alike. The restaurant’s design is futuristic and will make you feel like you have traveled forward in time. 

    Not to mention the exquisite cuisine. Some of the worth mentioning delicacies include the tangy ceviche and the ribeye steak that just melts in your mouth. All these things come together to make Cote an unparalleled dining experience in the heart of Miami.

    El Balbiquiu

    Head to North Bay Village in Miami to feed your authentic barbecue cravings at El Balbiquiu, a promising and exciting restaurant with distinct Latin and Puerto Rican influences. 

    You can find all kinds of barbecue on the menu, including ribs, steak, brisket and pulled pork. But the Southern American flavor gives it a superior and remarkable taste you won’t find in other barbecue places. This influence is sometimes oh-so-subtle and sometimes obvious and loud. 

    Moreover, the sides are generous and tantalizingly delicious, and the corn ribs are worth mentioning here. In my opinion, El Balbiquiu has made its way quickly up the ladder of the high-class and delectable dining experiences in Miami.


    Kimpton Hotel Palomar South Beach

    Kimpton Hotel Palomar South Beach is an up and coming trendy hotel that opened in 2020. It sits close to the edge of Sunset harbor near Miami Beach Botanical Garden. Its magnificence lies in its yacht-like design and 96 spacious and luxurious rooms. 

    A lot of rooms have access to private balconies that come with stunning views of Biscayne Bay. For an even more exotic and opulent experience, you can book the Terrace King room, where you can also add your very own balcony bartender. 

    Even though it is a new and trendy hotel with much to offer, it is not the only Kimpton Hotel in Miami. But in terms of modernity, class and luxury, it definitely takes the cake among the best and newest Miami hotels.

    Lennox Miami Beach

    When it comes to newer hotels in Miami, Lennox Miami Beach is hands down our second choice. 

    It opened in 2019 and happens to be on our list mainly because of the number of luxuries it has to offer. It is a boutique hotel that has an outdoor pool and its very own private beach. This is best for those who want to avoid generally crowded Miami beaches and have a secluded yet delightful beach experience. Moreover, it has a fitness centre, a concierge service, a coffee machine in every unit, and a sun terrace. 

    You can enjoy a host of activities around Miami beach while staying here, such as cycling, fishing, shopping, and food and cultural tours.

    Exotic Car Rentals in Miami

    Knowing about the right mode of transport in a city as deluxe as Miami can make all the difference. Sure, you can take the bus or the cab to the hotels and restaurants mentioned above, but would that be classy?

    The best way to experience Miami in all its glory is to drive around in an exotic, luxurious, and powerful car. But knowing where to rent these exotic cars can save you a lot of trouble, or alternatively, make you lose a lot of money and time. 

    I have had the experience of trying out multiple luxury car rental services in Miami, but one that has never failed to satisfy me is the Onyx Exotix Car rental service. In my opinion, it happens to be the best luxury car rental you can go with in Miami. 

    The best things I like about them are their impressive fleet, reliable service, and the way they understand and possess a passion for exotic and luxurious cars. 

    But the question is, which exotic car is the best to enjoy Miami to the fullest. This is quite subjective, but Lamborghini Huracan Spyder and Bentley Bentayga are the choices you can go with your eyes closed if you don’t have a lot of time for thinking over multiple options. 

    Huracan is best suited for traveling with a significant other or perhaps a partner in crime, and when power and speed is your thing. In comparison, Bentayga is perfect for you if you happen to be more than two people without compromising on the classy and luxurious experience. 

    Miami Events in 2021

    Some of the best Miami events to come in 2021 are: 

    Rolling Loud (Jul 23-25, 2021)

    It is one of the biggest, loudest and most exciting hip hop festivals that puts together some of the most famous artists in its lineup. Even though it is celebrated in different parts of the world, its flagship edition is arranged annually in Miami. 

    This year, the expected artists to show up in this event are Post Malone, A$AP Rocky and Travis Scott. 

    Miami Carnival Parade and Concert (Oct 2-10, 2021)

    The world-famous Carnival parade attracts visitors from all parts of the world, and it would be a shame if my readers never experienced it. It is filled with music and fun against a backdrop of the vibrant Caribbean culture. 

    It wouldn’t be an overstatement to call it one of the most awaited carnivals, and it attracts well over 75,000 people every year. Here you get to experience the performances by different bands, elaborate costumed concerts and parades, and performances on the history of the carnival itself. 

    It is exciting, colorful, and worth experiencing at least once in a lifetime. 

    Final Word

    With this list, you are set up to have a wonderful experience in Miami. Even though visiting popular restaurants and staying at famous hotels seems like the right thing to do. Trying new and trendy places has its charm and excitement. And against this backdrop, this article will be your guide on your next trip to Miami. 

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