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Top 5 Exotic Cars to Rent in Miami in 2021

By admin PUBLISHED 01 August 2021
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  • Luxury and grandeur is Miami’s second name, what with its beachfront luxury hotels, high dining, and exquisite arts and cultural experiences.

    But having the right ride can amplify the classy experiences of Miami. In this article, I have included some of the most exotic luxury and supercars to rent in Miami to enjoy this southeastern tourist heaven in the best way possible.

    Lamborghini Huracan Spyder

    Anyone who knows the word “car” knows that Lamborghini is synonymous with luxury and style. And to that end, Lamborghini Huracan Spyder lies at the top of the food chain. 

    It can go to 60 mph in just 2.9 seconds with a v10 engine that has 610 HP with a multipoint injection system. If you’re in Miami looking for a pristine luxury experience, you can rent this beast of a car without thinking twice. It is the best choice for people who want a mix of performance and flashiness. Not to mention the looks you’re going to get when you’re in the driving seat of this mean machine.

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    Ferrari F8 Spider

    Nobody makes luxury better than the Italians, and Ferrari needs no introduction.

    Ferraris are hot, heavy and bold, and their newest addition, the Ferrari F8 Spider, is no less. This magnificent machine is all about elegance, prestige and performance. With a power of 660 horses on a tried and tested 3.9 L V8. Not to mention the forced induction with the help of a bi-turbo mechanism. Add to that the convertible feature, and you have a beautiful masterpiece that can take your exotic experience to ultimate heights. 

    Cruising in this car on the roads of Miami is something that you’re not going to forget any time soon. 

    Bentley GTC

    Every car lover knows that the word Bentley means magnificence. There’s a reason why it used to be a James Bond car.

    The Continental GT reminds us of the days when it used to win Le Mans. Brimming with elegance and luxury, this car is perfect for anyone looking for an unparalleled luxury experience on the streets of Miami. It has a 12 cylinder, 6 L beast of an engine that is twin-turbocharged and gives a macho 635 HP to its drivers. 

    Its interior is trimmed in premium wood and exquisite leather and gives a dramatic and deluxe feel. 

    Rolls Royce Dawn

    Enjoying Miami is an altogether different experience if you happen to be driving an exotic convertible: enter Rolls Royce Dawn. Its automated top can retract in just 22 seconds, allowing you to experience the cool Florida weather as you cruise. 

    Perfect for a party of four who don’t want to compromise on luxury, this four-seater car features 563 horses run by a mighty V12, making it possible for it to touch 0-60 in just 4.3 seconds. Its power is matched by its innovative and luxurious interior, touchscreen navigation, ecosystem controls, four roomy seats, and a powerful surround sound. 

    Luxury doesn’t get any better than a Rolls Royce.

    Bentley Bentayga

    Betley Bentayga is an SUV and luxury experience combined into a single 600 HP car that can go to 60 mph in just 3.5 seconds. It is the perfect second name for class and charm. 

    If you happen to be a party of more than two people, this is the perfect exotic car to rent in Miami. It can accommodate up to 5 passengers. Especially if you have any out-of-the city trips on your itinerary, where you want to have a comfortable and classy experience while driving on rough terrains, owing to its all-terrain all-performance capability. 

    It is one of the best cars to go with if you are looking to rent an exotic car in Miami.

    What To See and Do in Miami

    It is one thing to know what luxury car to go with while in Miami, but what are you going to do, and where will you go once you have it?

    Here’s a short list of a few honourable mentions of trendy restaurants and interesting places you can experience in Miami. 

    ZZ’s Sushi Bar

    ZZ’s Sushi Bar is one of the newest and trendiest restaurants that opened recently in Miami. 

    It is an exclusive and classy experience from the people who brought you Carbone. When it comes to exclusivity, you’ll have to become a member or be friends with one to get a reservation. But this shouldn’t discourage you, because you will have some of the best experiences of modern Japanese cuisine here. 

    The most palatable experiences here are the signature wagyu sando with a truffle emulsion or perhaps tuna carpaccio topped with scallops and foie.

    Wynwood Walls Murals

    If you want to see the transformation of a city dump site into a vibrant art studded spectacle, Wynwood Walls is the place to go in Miami. 

    It happens to be one of the most important modern landmarks and the most visited attractions in Miami. The neighborhood is dotted with creative and stunning graffiti, and the canvases go for over 80,000 sq ft. Each mural has a story to tell, and they showcase the art and creativity of 50+ artists from all around the world. 

    To make the best of your visit here, make sure to go early before the crowds start piling up. 


    Now that you know how to have the loftiest luxury experience in terms of cars and places in Miami. Let me make things even simpler for you. Instead of wasting your time searching for the best Luxury Car Rentals services in Miami, you can simply head to Onyx Exotix to find every single car that I have mentioned in this list and more. 

    With all the information on what to do in Miami and how to do it, what are you waiting for? Book the next flight to Miami and forget the rest!