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Lamborghini Urus Vs Mercedes AMG G Wagon (Part 2)

By admin_dev PUBLISHED 10 September 2021
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  • Miami is a city popular for its exotic and luxurious lifestyle. If you’re planning to visit Miami for a business trip or even for a vacation, you can use luxury rentals in Miami beach to get yourself a luxurious car. 

    A driving experience around the city that you’ll never forget. On the roads or at the beach, here is your chance to take a Lamborghini Urus or Mercedes AMG G Wagon and drive around the city. 

    For anyone who loves to drive a luxury car on the beaches of Miami with the most gorgeous scenery and lovely people, this is your chance. 

    Let’s review both the cars and three places where you can easily drive without being bothered by the crowd.

    Lamborghini Urus Rental in Miami

    To ensure the company could continue producing supercars, the company had to create the Lamborghini Urus. Porsche has already made it work, so why should the Italians not too? 

    Unlike the Huracan and Aventador, the Urus arrived in the USA in 2018, but its specifications are very different from those of those models. In addition, the Urus is front-engined, while its closest rivals, the Porsche Cayenne Turbo and Bentley Bentayga, take advantage of the same turbocharged V8 engine. 

    More than two tonnes of weight make the Lamborghini Urus look big, tall, and powerful. In addition to its monstrously powerful engine and highly advanced suspension, the car accelerates and handles exactly how you’d expect from a Lamborghini.

    I recommend starting with the Urus’ sophisticated 4×4 system, leaving its mighty V8 alone for a moment. The Lamborghini SUV is equipped with active anti-roll bars to eliminate lateral wallowing in corners, as well as rear-wheel steering to produce sharper turn-in. The SUV is sourced from the Audi SQ7. The Tamburo enables up to six drive modes to be selected. On the center console, Lamborghini offers a series of brake, chassis, and engine presets for different driving conditions. These include tarmac, sport, track, and snowy and sandy conditions.

    2021 Lamborghini Urus available for rent at Onyx Exotix

    Mercedes AMG G Wagon Rental in Miami

    It is a gas-guzzling SUV that is high-end, ultra-luxury, and capable off-road. The German term Geländewagen, or Cross-Country Vehicle, is used by the elite to refer to the vehicle.

    There are just a few changes for 2021, including standard digital gauges, a wireless charging system for smartphones for the AMG version.

    There are three modes of driving (Comfort, Sport, and Sport+) for the G-Class, and power can be sent to individual wheels with three locking differentials.

    AMG G63 gets 14 combined mpg, but two fewer on the highway, or 13 mpg for the city, 17 for the highway, and 14 for the combined! It uses premium gas.

    NHTSA can’t build a wall that can withstand a hit, so the car hasn’t been crash-tested. Perhaps they’re savvy enough to save our tax money.

    Adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitors, surround-view cameras, and active parking assist are optional (over and above $132,000, just in case you missed the price) on the Mercedes C350.

    Top 3 Places to Drive Cars In Miami

    Upon arriving in Miami you will be confused with tons of places where you can easily drive. So, here we’ve compiled a list of places where you can easily drive without being bothered by the crowd and you’ll get a chance to show off a little bit making people jealous. 

    Of course, if you’ve chosen any of the above cars, heads will turn and people will be fascinated by the cars that you’re driving. And this is your chance to make a good impression on someone that you’re willing to impress. 

    Head towards any of these places and you’ll have a chance to enjoy the neauty of the road and the beach. Miami is a gorgeous city, are you willing to miss this chance of a luxurious drive? 

    Main Highway

    Despite its name, Coconut Grove’s Main Highway is one of the quietest roads in the city, with low-hanging foliage and colorful flowers that offer a pleasant driving experience. Peacocks have long called Coconut Grove home, and they have been doing so for decades. When you hear one crossing the street, you should expect them to wait for you.

    North Alton Road

    In this piece, we’ll pretend this Miami Beach staple is running smoothly despite its recent construction resurgences. It is one of our favorite parts of Alton Road to drive north of Mount Sinai, just after the golf course and the highway ramp. Despite how hard it may be to stay within the speed limit here, we recommend that you enjoy the wendy roads and rows of pleasant houses with palm trees so that you can get back out onto Indian Creek once again.

    Krome Ave

    With stunning views of rows of strawberry fields as the sun sets, you’ll be left breathless. This summer’s show begins at 8:13 p.m. and lasts for fifteen minutes. A few of the attractions along the way include Everglades National Park, Shelley’s wine tasting and Spice Park. Along the way, there are tons of mom and pop restaurants and fruit shops. The construction might soon put an end to this serene place, so hurry up! 

    For car devotees renting a car in Miami has it’s own charm. You’ll be driving on the road with the most gorgeous scenery around you. Grab a car from Onyx Exotix, the luxury rental company in Miami Beach and enjoy the drive of a lifetime.